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24 St. Edmund’s Terrace NW8

24 St. Edmund’s Terrace NW8

February 8, 2017

Chapter 79 in the exclusive series for Dynamic Commodities- becoming a commodities trader

When my wife came to London for a week in 1988 my job was to make her comfortable with the city and find a place for us to live. Marty Kaufman had suggested that St. John’s Wood would be the perfect area as it was close to the American school and there were plenty of ex-pat families in the neighborhood. St. John’s Wood is a district of northwest London, in the City of Westminster, on the northwest side of Regent’s Park. It is accessible by London Transport, or the tube system. Perhaps the most memorable street in the neighborhood was Abbey Road, made famous by the Beatles in the 1960s.

We found a triplex flat that had great views of the park. It was two blocks from the Regent’s Park Zoo and four blocks away from the tube station. The apartment was comfortable, three bedrooms on the three floors with all modern conveniences. It was close to shopping on the High Street and a short journey to work for me. We were astonished by the cost of the flat, at 2,000 pounds sterling per week, it was way out of our league but with the ex-pat deal we were able to work things out.

I was looking forward to the arrival of my family and getting back to a normal way of life. Living in a hotel for two months had its advantages when it came to work but the weekends were lonely. Throughout the week we went out to dinner with the traders in the department as well as others at the firm. I introduced her to many people who would become friends over the coming years and her comfort level began to rise.  Our flat at 24 St. Edmund’s Terrace was in the one of the best neighborhoods in London. I had a big job for an American financial institution and now I would be living in a place that fit that profile.

My wife went back to New York after the week with a new attitude and outlook on life. I looked forward to the day when both she and my son would arrive and we could get back to family life in our new surroundings. As I waited over the coming weeks, I buried myself in work. Meanwhile, the responsibilities started to pile up.

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