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Technomentals™ combines fundamental supply and demand analysis in commodities with technical analysis. The fundamentals drive price direction bias and the technicals indicate where to enter and exit risk positions.
Andy Hecht is a sought-after commodity trader, an options expert and analyst. He spent nearly 35 years on Wall Street, including two decades on the trading desk of Phillip Brothers, which became Salomon Brothers and ultimately part of Citigroup.
Over the past two decades, he has researched, structured and executed some of the largest trades ever made, involving huge quantities of precious metals and bulk commodities.
Andy understands the market in a way many traders can’t imagine. He’s booked vessels, armored cars and trains to transport and store a wide range of commodities. And he’s worked directly with The United Nations and the legendary trading group Phibro.

Today, Andy remains in close contact with sources around the world and his network of traders.
“I have a vast Rolodex of information in my head… so many bull and bear markets. When something happens, I don’t have to think. I just react. History does tend to repeat itself over and over.”
His friends and mentors include highly regarded energy and precious metals traders, supply line specialists and international shipping companies that give him vast insight into the market.
Andy’s writing and analysis can be found on a number of market based websites including, CQG and Seeking Alpha. Andy lectures at colleges and Universities. He has been a contributor to Traders Magazine. He consults for companies involved in producing and consuming commodities. Andy’s biweekly radio show, The Commodities Hour with Andy Hecht, can be heard on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-6 PM EST on Andy’s first book How to Make Money with Commodities, published by McGraw Hill was recently released and has received excellent reviews. He is currently working on his second book, Luster.

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