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Chris Frith

Chris Frith

February 3, 2017

Chapter 76 in the exclusive series for Dynamic Commodities- becoming a commodities trader

After a brief period of feeling sorry for the manager I was replacing, he quickly became a pain in the ass and a thorn in my side. I decided to ignore him which pissed him off even more.

Chris Frith was new in the department and he was the chief trader, or as they say in London, dealer on the desk. Chris Frith was hired by Chris Linen so he was the only one in the department who was really on my side. Frith had great connections in Eastern Europe, I would find out many years later his wife was the niece of Slobodan Milosevic, the Serbian President and international pariah responsible genocide who died in his jail cell in The Hague in 2006 before an international tribunal returned a verdict on his many war crimes. Uncle Slobodan was akin to Uncle Adolf. I’m glad I did not find out the source of his connection until many years later.

Frith and I got along famously, we went out with customers and dealers most nights after work and my alcohol and cigar consumption increased dramatically during my years with him.

Frith was a sympathetic ear; he could not understand why the company would not get rid of the manager and, as he said, “Get on with it.” Frith began to constantly prod me to address the  situation, he correctly pointed out that the ex-manager’s presence was not only a problem but a situation that prevented the department from moving forward. The traders on the desk did not know where to turn or to whom to listen when it came to handing down direction.

Frith and I decided to thwart the problem by increasing the risk profile in London dramatically. We began taking big positions on gold and silver on the long and short side of the market. Frith and I made lots of plans; together we organized the department and planned marketing jaunts for when the ex-manager finally departed. I promised that I would address the situation on my next trip to New York. I had to talk to Marty directly about the problem.

My wife came to London for a week after I was there for around a month. We found a great flat in St. Johns Woods and bought a car with the money provided by the company. She appeared much happier than when I left on that rainy Sunday night. I guess she rationalized the whole situation and decided to go with the flow. It would be another month before she and my baby boy arrived, another month of alcohol fueled evenings with the London traders.

Although it was difficult to assert myself with an ex-manager in the room who remained like a bump on a log, the other traders and operations staff warmed to me after the first month. I guess they figured I was not going anywhere and Chris Frith helped to smooth things over.

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