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December 30, 2016

Chapter 52 in the exclusive series for Dynamic Commodities- becoming a commodities trader

The first marketing adventure with Sid was to Europe. It was a two week journey which meant that I had to spend the weekend with my boss for the first time. The trip began in Switzerland where we visited some banks that were also market makers in the gold and silver options market in Zurich, Geneva and Basel. The next stop was Frankfurt where we spent the day visiting other dealers. The days were endless with back to back meetings and each night was a dinner. By the time we made through Luxembourg and Paris it was the weekend.

Sid did all the talking in the meetings and I took notes. At the dinners, I gravitated to the younger traders. In each city and in between meetings Sid shopped like a madman buying anything and everything he saw. On Friday night we had dinner, just the two of us, in Paris which is the most romantic city in the world and there I was with Sidney Gold. We had a drink and I excused myself to get some sleep. I have no idea what Sid did to occupy himself for the rest of the evening but he was up early the next morning for breakfast and we were off to the airport, back to London. On Sunday we had a quiet day but we saw some of the sights together. Sid was not a bad companion he was funny and engaging but certainly embarrassing at time. Sid had a way of being loud and very American which did not go over too well in Europe.

The next week we saw almost everyone there was to see in London and towards the end of the week we finished up the trip at a conference in Vienna. It all sounds amazing and exciting but it was exhausting. We flew home on Thursday and were both in the office bright and early Friday morning. I spent the day writing trip reports and doing our expenses as I was a glorified traveling secretary for the boss. I was lucky he took me with him. The meetings got boring after a while, Sid had the same spiel for every potential customer and counterpart, and he told the same stories and repeated the same jokes. I found it particularly entertaining when he attempted to emulate the cultural aspects and ethnicities of the cities we visited. In France his accent was different than the staccato he worked into his act in Germany. In London, the John Gutfreund accent worked just fine. At the end of the first week I had it all memorized and could repeat it verbatim if necessary. I watched how the people reacted to Sid, most were respectful but I could see that some looked at him as a typical ugly American. Watching was a great education that I would use in the years to come. On Friday, Sid told me that our next trip would be a full two week journey to Asia early in the New Year.

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