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January 30, 2017

Chapter 72 in the exclusive series for Dynamic Commodities- becoming a commodities trader

As I walked out of the McGraw Hill Building on that sunny September day with one million thoughts swirling through my head I passed a florist shop on the way to my car. Without even thinking I walked in and asked for a $100 bouquet. Flowers were necessary to approach the topic with my wife who had no idea that her world was about to be thrown into a frenzy of activity and change.

She had a close relationship with her parents who were at our condo most weekends, particularly after the birth of our first son just six months before. Leaving her folks behind would be the hardest part so I decided to present the move as a fun and exciting adventure. Surely they would love the opportunity to come to London often and spend quality time with their daughter and grandson. I knew she would object, she did not do sudden change well.

On the drive home my nerves frayed as my focus shifted from the incredible opportunity to the reaction that was about to come from my spouse. Remembering her attitude to Sid’s call asking her for permission for me to travel, the thought that I was about to present her with a fait accompli was more than problematic.

Upon arrival at our condo in the tony neighborhood of Scarsdale, New York I handed her the flowers and said, “I have big news.” At first she assumed it was another promotion, but she didn’t realize that this one involved her. As I presented the situation in the gentlest fashion I could muster, she began to cry. I told her she would have a great life in London, everything she could ever desire but her only desire was to be close to her parents with a six month old. My intuition was correct, the tears turned to anger. At first, it was no way. Then it was a slew of questions. Over the hours that followed I witnessed and participated in all of the stages of grief. Denial was first, she said you go and I will stay here. I said no. Anger followed with her lambasting me for not consulting her before accepting the assignment. Bargaining started with her telling me it will take months to prepare everything and when I told her they wanted me there the following week, the anger returned. After a few hours of talking to her parents on the phone her depression was clear. Late in the evening the acceptance came, she realized that I could not turn the opportunity down and we decided I would go first and she would follow when she was ready. I breathed a giant sign of relief as I went to sleep that night. She did not sleep a wink.

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