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Mildred’s Final Day

Mildred’s Final Day

November 4, 2016

Chapter 14 in the exclusive series for Dynamic Commodities- becoming a commodities trader

Mildred had been preparing for her exit from Philipp Brothers for months. She read the writing on the wall and knew that a woman in her seventies, running a training area would not make it when the Salomon Brother’s chief was demanding more overhead cuts.

Mildred announced her departure as a retirement. I knew better. Mildred Epstein would have never walked away from the company, and it was clear that she was just another statistic in the firings that had become so commonplace at the firm. I was sad when she informed me that she would be leaving. Usually, retirement plans occur in advance, but for Mildred, she retired on one day and was gone the very next. Her last day at the firm was a new beginning for me.

I had been sitting in the traffic trainee area for the better part of a year; other interns came and went all receiving permanent assignments in the traffic department. When Mildred told me she was leaving she also had other unexpected news for me. During the morning of her final day with Philipp Brothers, she asked me to go and speak with Al Ciapinna, the head traffic person in the antimony ores and concentrates and tin and tin concentrates area.

Al was a short Italian guy from Staten Island with really dark black hair and a gold chain around his wrist. I knew Al and his staff as they would always bring folders to Mildred’s area for invoicing. I had noticed that she had a particular affinity for him. Al asked me a bunch of questions about my experience with Mildred and offered me a job working in his department. He said that with the trainee area closing, his workload would increase as his clerks would all have to do their own invoicing. I accepted the job on the spot, knowing that Mildred’s last managerial effort at the company was to find me a permanent spot in Al’s department.

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