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Off To London

Off To London

February 1, 2017

Chapter 74 in the exclusive series for Dynamic Commodities- becoming a commodities trader

When I laid out the financial package for Caryn she was numb but I could see her eyes light up when I told her how much I would be earning and how much the company was willing to pay to move us. She began to get excited, until of course it came to the part about the appraiser and moving company showing up at our door first thing the next morning.

I went into the office for a few hours on Thursday; Sid quietly offered congratulations, in his inimitable style he said, “Now you are in the big time.” He was my mentor so his good wishes were important. Chris took me out for lunch and a final martini at Dali’s place in the St. Regis. He told me he would be in London in a couple of weeks and after I got settled we would have our next martini in the bar at his favorite hotel in the world, The Savoy. After all, according to Chris, that is where a bartender first invented the martini and it is where Cuban cigars were legal.

The rest of the week and weekend was a fire drill. I was moving to London and I was becoming an ex-pat immediately. My wife and son would follow in a month or so, which turned out to be two months, as they would move to Brooklyn with her parents after the moving men came. She would come to London to select a flat with me in the interim, all expenses paid by Philipp Brothers, naturally. Our baby son did not have a passport so we spent Friday at the passport office getting that organized.

I left JFK on Sunday night, it was pouring. There was a six hour delay. The plan was that the next morning, as I was landing at Heathrow, Chris Linen would be calling the manager in London and advising him of the change. I was to go to the office on Monday after a quick shower. There was a lot to do; I had to arrange for a work permit with the authorities with the help of the company. I had to arrange for resident status for myself, wife and child.

The plane touched down at Heathrow in the afternoon after the delay. I never made it to the office. The next day would be a disaster. The friendly London traders and staff would not be pleased with me the target of their displeasure. The current manager would be angry, hurt and downright difficult. I was prepared to walk into a political nightmare. After some dinner I got some rest at my hotel, the Carlton Tower in Kensington, a short taxi ride from the office in Victoria Plaza. The hotel became my home for the next two months. After waking up at the crack of dawn and some quick breakfast it was off to the office. Martin Lambert, the office administrative manager, was expecting me and making arrangements for my official transfer to the United Kingdom.

After an hour with Martin, filling out forms, he said “Are you ready for this? It will not be easy.” With nerves in check, I walked into the trading room. Stares and silence greeted my arrival.

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