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One Week To Move

One Week To Move

January 31, 2017

Chapter 73 in the exclusive series for Dynamic Commodities- becoming a commodities trader

I woke up fresh the next morning after an evening of emotional distress with my wife. Now I needed to sort out the important details. How much would they pay me in my new role? What about taxes? What will I do with my condo? What expenses will they cover? There were so many issues and I accepted the job without even reviewing the ex-pat package.

I walked into the office and only Chris Linen, Marty, Henry and Jimmy DiPiazza knew that I was heading to London to run the precious metals business. We kept the whole thing quiet for the following days, after all the current manager in London and the rest of the staff would wig out if they caught wind of what was coming.

I got a call from the personnel department early that day asking me to come to the director’s office to discuss the ex-pat package. The package was more than my wildest dreams could have imagined. The company pretty much doubled my salary. They would give me an immediate bonus of $25,000 to cover costs and at the same time they would pay all moving expenses, our rent in London, and they would buy us a car with a $50,000 limit. The package included tax equalization, two business class trips home and travel expenses each year for the whole family. When I traveled myself on business it was all first class. The company would also pick up the tab for any private school or nanny for my son. I requested unlimited calls back to the U.S. so that my wife could call her parents every day, after a quick phone call to Marty Kaufman the company agreed. Additionally, Philipp Brothers would send in an appraiser for my condo and if I agreed with the sales price, they would cut me a check they next day. They also bought our car for cash. The tax equalization was amazing; the company paid the taxes on all of the benefits which added up to big bucks and, they paid the taxes on the tax reimbursement too.

By the end of the day, it was a done deal. I signed the documents which included a minimum bonus equal to my salary. I was guaranteed $400,000 each year and I would have no living expenses and all the money I had in equity in our condo in the bank. Wow. It was life changing for my family.

It was a Wednesday and the company wanted me in London the following week. The appraiser and moving company would come to survey the condo the next day, on Thursday, less than forty eight hours after my wife found out her life was changing. Oh boy, I thought, wait until I tell her that tonight.

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