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Permission To Travel

Permission to Travel

December 28, 2016

Chapter 50 in the exclusive series for Dynamic Commodities- becoming a commodities trader

My wife was not pleased with my lifestyle which amounted to leaving the house at 5:30 AM and returning each night at 11 PM or midnight, only to repeat the same schedule the next day. When Friday night arrived, I would catchup on sleep often not waking until late afternoon on Saturday and Sunday.

Sid had told Ralph and I at Tads that he was going to raise the profile of our department and a key component of his plan was to travel the world to teach both the customers of Philipp Brothers and the company’s foreign employees and agents the options business. I never realized what he had in mind. About three weeks after I returned from London, Sid asked for my wife’s phone number. He said that he needed to discuss my future with her and would not take no for an answer. I sat next to him when he called and told her that her husband would be traveling all over the world with him for the next year and asked whether I had her permission to travel. I was excited and feeling pretty good about what Sid had in mind for me, after all I would see the world. However, I knew my wife would not be too pleased, particularly because it was Sid and not me who asked for permission. When he hung up the phone he said that she granted permission, and then said if she backtracks I should “divorce her because I am giving you the chance of a lifetime.” Ralph was not jealous; as a matter of fact he was thrilled. The thought of traveling with Sid for weeks at a time was not appealing. Sid told me we would be going to all over the world, “We will do a country a day and a continent in a week or two.”

Ralph and the other traders thought it was a riot; they made fun of me and told me I would have to carry Sid’s bags all over the globe. I looked at it as a golden opportunity. I was psyched. When I got home from work that night my wife was annoyed but she understood. Her only complaint was that Sid called to ask and I did not. I tried to explain that I did not know in advance and he insisted on calling, she did not believe a word I said.


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