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Platinum Is Cheap When Compared To Two Precious Metals

Platinum Is Cheap When Compared To Two Precious Metals

July 24, 2017

In the world of asset valuation, cheap or expensive are highly subjective terms. In my latest work for Seeking Alpha, I explain why platinum has earned a “cheap” designation and why the metal the world knows as “rich man’s gold” has been acting like a dog with fleas. It is only a matter of time until the rare industrial and precious metal reasserts itself which will be easier to explain than the trading funk of the past three years.

Article: Platinum Is Cheap When Compared To Two Precious Metals

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  1. interesting thesis , there a few problems : 1. industrial usage is related to number of diesel cars , diesel does not have good press recently , might become obsolete , further rise of electric cars will make this problem more acute .
    2. For jewelry this metal is too heavy to be wearable , try to make a bracelet and see for yourself .
    3. hope for adoption of cell fuel technology seems to vanish away .
    4. from strategic stand point you do not want to depend on one supplier I unstable part of the world .
    5.liquidity is too poor for it to become trading vehicle like gold or silver .
    otherwise I hope you correct , I own microscopic platinum position for all the reasons you mentioned in your article but it is nothing but house of pain .
    Regards , Czesiek

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