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Recap Of The Week For December 23, 2016

Recap of the week for December 23, 2016

December 23, 2016


  • Gold sitting close to lows
  • Silver makes a new low and platinum closes below $900- Palladium posts the biggest loss of the week
  • Copper continued to slide on rising LME stocks
  • Iron ore steady
  • The Baltic Index falls to 928
  • Lumber sits at bottom end of the trading range on higher rates
  • NYMEX and Brent crude oil steady
  • Gasoline outperforms oil on stock declines, heating oil marginally lower
  • Natural gas falls the explodes higher to finish over 8% up on the week
  • Ethanol continues to drift lower despite gains in gasoline on policy concerns in 2017
  • Grains all fall more than 3% on the week
  • Sugar close to recent lows
  • Coffee trades down to critical support at $1.35 per pound
  • Cocoa unchanged after rally fails
  • Cotton down 1.87% on the week just below 70 cents
  • FCOJ continues to slide lower
  • Meats hold recent gains
  • The dollar trading over 103 on dollar index futures contract
  • Bonds drifting but below 150
  • Stocks slightly higher but 20,000 Dow proves elusive
  • Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Price Changes for the week:

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