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Recap Of The Week For February 3, 2017

Recap of the week for February 3, 2017

February 3, 2017

A Dynamic Commodities Exclusive


  • Precious metals post gains after the Fed leaves rates unchanged
  • Gold leads precious metals up 2.37% on the week while silver posts its fifth straight weekly gain
  • Copper corrects 3% lower on the week
  • Iron ore fall 3.38%
  • The Baltic Index drops another 8.33%in seasonal selloff
  • Lumber explodes 6.76% higher
  • Crude oil higher with Brent outperforming WTI
  • Inventories build in crude oil and products
  • Gasoline cracks continue lower while heating oil gains
  • Natural gas down over 9% as the end of winter nears
  • Ethanol gains 1.86%
  • Soybeans down over 2% on the week in a continuation of the price correction
  • Corn up marginally on the week
  • Wheat up over 2% and KCBT premium over CBOT retreats to 10.25 cents in March
  • Sugar up 3.84% and closed the week above 21 cents on March
  • Coffee continues to correct shedding 4.04% on the week
  • Cocoa makes yet another new low and is down 1.1% on the week
  • Cotton moves bear critical resistance at 78 cents and gains 2.08% on the week
  • FCOJ fall 3.58%
  • Live cattle continue lower losing 5.61% on the week
  • Hogs up another 5.12%
  • The dollar moved lower on Fed inaction down 0.68% on the week and below 100 on the March index
  • Bonds close to unchanged on the week trading around 150
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average falls below 20,000 but recovers on Friday to close the week at 20,071.46

Price Changes for the week:

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