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Recap Of The Week For May 26, 2017

Recap of the week for May 26, 2017

May 26, 2017


  • Happy Holiday Weekend- The Summer is now officially underway
  • Precious metals move higher and Bitcoin explodes
  • Gold up 0.96% for the week
  • Silver gains 2.97%
  • Platinum, up 2.34% and Palladium rebounds 4.30%%
  • Copper 0.83% lower
  • Iron ore falls another 6.40%%
  • The Baltic Index down 4.08%
  • Lumber down 2.42% lower on the week to new short-term lows
  • OPEC extends cuts but disappoints market and WTI crude oil falls 2.16% on the week
  • Brent down 2.74%
  • Gasoline and heating post losses of 1% and 1.24%respectively as products continue to outperform crude oil
  • Crack spreads continue higher – gasoline crack rallies 1.75% and heating oil crack up 1.13% on the week
  • Natural gas falls 1.41% towards the lower of the trading range
  • Ethanol catches up with gasoline rallying 2.32% for the week
  • Soybeans down another 2.73% and falls below support on record Brazilian crop
  • Corn up 0.40% on the week
  • Wheat moved 0.86% higher
  • Sugar falls to new low down 8.12% as recovery fails
  • Coffee down 0.68% on the week as it recovers from a new low late in the week
  • Cocoa under pressure again down 5.72% on the week
  • Cotton continues lower after failure at new highs posting a 2.97% loss on the week
  • FCOJ down 0.54%
  • Live cattle up 0.32% on the week as the grilling season of 2017 begins
  • Feeder cattle shed 2.33% which could be a bad omen for live cattle next week
  • Hogs 3.14% higher as the rally continues
  • The dollar up slightly posting a 0.30% gain but remains close to lows
  • Long-Bonds close lower at 154-01 level little changed on the week
  • Equities continue to rebound as the selloff on May 17 turns out to be a one-day event
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average closes on Friday May 5, at 21,080 up 275 points on the week
  • Bitcoin approaching trades at almost $2800 and closes the week around $2300 after a wild week of volatility for the cryptocurrency

Price Changes for the week:

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