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Recap Of The Week For October 20, 2017

Recap of the week for October 20, 2017

October 20, 2017


  • Chinese Party Congress gets underway and stresses party and ideology, long-term stable growth, military strength, and support for the middle class
  • Gold down 1.85% on the week
  • Silver falls 2.15% for the week
  • Platinum loses 2.39% as discount to palladium widens
  • Palladium falls 1.72% since last report
  • Copper rallies 1.16% on the week after trading at almost $3.26 per pound on October 16
  • Iron ore sheds 3.59% for the week but settles at just above $60 per ton
  • The Baltic Index up 8.50% on the week and trades at the highest level since 2014
  • Lumber posts a 0.75% gain this week and trades to a high of $434.40 on October 17, the highest level since 2004
  • November NYMEX crude oil rolls to December and moves 0.27% higher on the week closing near $52 per barrel
  • Brent moves 1.0% higher as it works its way toward $60 per barrel and Brent premium closes the week at a $5.90 premium to WTI in December up 46 cents on the week
  • Gasoline up 2.75%, and heating oil rallies 0.53% on the week on December futures contracts
  • Crack spreads post gains; the gasoline crack was up 10.48% and heating oil crack moves 0.76% to the upside on the week
  • Natural gas falls 3.03% on the week after making a new low and inventories build by 51 bcf for the week ending on October 13
  • Ethanol falls 3.14% on the week
  • Soybeans move 2.15% lower for the week
  • Corn down 2.34% on the week
  • CBOT wheat loses 3.07% for the week
  • Sugar moves 2.85% lower this week
  • Coffee down 0.95% on the week after a double bottom at $1.23 per pound
  • Cocoa moves 2.44% higher on the week after breaking above the top end of its trading range
  • Cotton down 2.54% on big global production
  • FCOJ up 2.90% for the week
  • Live cattle down 0.45% on the week
  • Feeder cattle post a 1.24% loss on the week
  • Hogs add to last week’s gains moving another 4.26% higher this week
  • The dollar index recovers 0.69% to the upside on the week
  • December long-Bonds move lower and close at around 152-05 down 2-00 on the week
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average makes a new high and closes at 23,329 on Friday, October 20, up another 457 points on the week

Price Changes for the week:

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