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Rising Profile In A Troubled Company

Rising Profile in A Troubled Company

January 25, 2017

Chapter 69 in the exclusive series for Dynamic Commodities- becoming a commodities trader

The offer from Shearson was attractive; I would run their marketing and still have the chance to trade. The compensation was more than I was earning at Philipp Brothers but I knew that I could not leave the company where I was the last lehrling left standing.  I decided to use the offer to parlay my career to the next step.

I never had the intention to leave but I had to play a game, and I had to be very convincing. I also had to string Ralph and Schoenthal along. I did not go to Sid, I went to Chris Linen. I met with both Marty and Henry. Eventually, they brought Sid into the picture. The last thing they wanted to do was to lose another profitable young trader to a competitor.

I came to an agreement with Chris, and his bosses. They agreed to more than make up the difference in my next year’s bonus as a guaranty. They also agreed that my career would receive a boost shortly. That boost was to come at an appropriate time. When it came time to call Shearson and politely turn down the offer, Sid was nearby and after saying my piece he grabbed the phone out of my hands. Sid told Schoenthal that if he ever tried to steal another one of his employees he would come down to his office and cut his balls off in front of his entire department. Then, he slammed the phone down. When I told Sid I wish he had not done that, he just said that I made the right choice and the Shearson and Ralph were a bunch of scumbags.

My profile had never been higher at Philipp Brothers or in the market. Over the next few months I received three more job offers from competitors which I turned down immediately without telling anyone at the company. After all, I did not want to push my luck. I also knew that waiting for management to “boost” my career was too passive an approach and I would have to do that on my own by making a proposal to them. The proposal had to be good, it had to be worth big bucks to me and it had to be a very high profile role in the company. I thought about what I wanted to do for weeks. Then, it hit me and I worked out a strategy to get me in the position that suited me perfectly where I could shine. I told no one of my plans; I even kept them secret from my wife.

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